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As a Lenovo partner, we trade in servers as well as PCs and notebooks. We would be happy to help you find a reliable and future-proof solution that meets your specific requirements. Below you will find a few suggestions as to which products will soon be able to support you in your everyday work. Have we piqued your interest? Feel free to contact us.


As a Lenovo Data Center Gold Partner, we can offer you both the ThinkSystem and the ThinkAgile portfolio from Lenovo:

The ThinkSystem portfolio is Lenovo’s high-quality and reliable data center hardware – ready to take on any workload. The portfolio ranges from AMD and Intel chipsets to GPU servers to business-critical servers with maximum availability. Below are some of the most common models.

SR650 – powerful 2-socket server with 3rd generation Intel Xeon CPU with up to 40 cores, up to 8 TB of RAM and 492 TB of storage.


To the manufacturer’s website:  klick hier.

SR665 – powerful 2-socket server with AMD EPYC 7002/7003 CPU with up to 64 cores, up to 4 TB of RAM and 492 TB of storage.

To the manufacturer’s website: klick hier.

SR670 V2 – GPU-Server mit Platz für bis zu 8 double-wide GPUs wie z.B. NVIDIA A100, 2 Intel Xeon CPUs 3. Generation mit bis zu 40 Kernen, bis zu 4 TB Arbeitsspeicher und 123 TB Speicher.

To the manufacturer’s website: klick hier.

SR950 – mission-critical server with 8 CPU sockets and maximum uptime, 2nd generation Intel Xeon CPU with up to 28 cores, up to 24 TB of memory and 369 TB of storage.

To the manufacturer’s website, klick hier.

ST550 – 2-socket tower server for small offices without a server rack, Intel CPU Xeon CPUs 2nd/3rd Generation with up to 16 cores, up to 768 GB of RAM and 154 TB of storage

To the manufacturer’s website, klick hier.

ThinkAgile is a modified and optimally adapted form of Lenovo hardware. This was developed, optimized and certified in close cooperation with the respective manufacturers of the software solutions in order to be able to offer maximum performance for the respective software. Lenovo offers the MX series for Microsoft, the HX series for Nutanix and the VX series for Veeam. Have you already decided on software or would you like to expand existing systems? We are happy to advise you in detail.

For further information, you are also welcome to contact Lenovo in advance:


MX-Serie: klick hier.

HX-Serie: klick hier.

VX-Serie:klick hier.

PC and Hardware

You can also purchase PCs, notebooks and other hardware that you need in your everyday life from us. The portfolio includes notebooks and 2-1 convertibles, classic desktop PCs, space-saving mini and nano PCs as well as practical all-in-one solutions. If you need help in choosing the most suitable device for your purpose, do not hesitate to contact us.

The Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Carbon convinces with great performance in a slim design. Thanks to an Intel i7 processor of the 12th generation, impressive computing power is always available to you on the go, and the 57 Wh battery helps to increase the time between charging cycles.


To the manufacturer’s website: klick hier.

The Lenovo Yoga impresses with its elegant looks and versatility. Let your creativity take over your mind and body! The 2-1 convertible offers you the tools you need to turn your ideas into reality. Equipped with a modern Intel or AMD CPU and up to 32 GB of RAM, the Yoga is well prepared for your everyday work.

To the manufacturer’s website: klick hier.

The ThinkCentre M90a Gen 3 is suitable as an all-in-one device for the modern workplace. Equipped with up to an Intel i9 of the 12th generation, 64 GB of RAM and an optionally configurable dedicated graphics card, it is one despite its compact dimensions high-performance PC with sufficient computing power for all applications that you encounter in everyday work.

To the manufacturer’s website: klick hier.


Of course, you should always be able to get the maximum benefit from your new Lenovo products. However, if you have problems or other technical difficulties, you can count on us and our strong partner Lenovo. We would be happy to advise you in detail about the different support options for your new IT solutions, so that we can help you quickly and easily.

Here you will find a brochure from the manufacturer that explains a selection of the various support options.


Premier Support Brochure




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